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About us is a News website that delivers accurate, up-to-date and dependable news to millions of people in Ghana and Globally. We started operating as an entertainment and news website in August 2020 and has grown to become one of the most visited websites in Ghana in just a short span of time due to our commitment and consistency in reporting. is one of the best news delivery sites in Africa.

Who we are

Impel News is a Ghanaian digital entertainment and news platform

Our Mission

Our mission is to make every Ghanaian happier by sharing joyful and intriguing news.

We eager to deliver fun and cheerful news to entertain our readers, but also we share Ghanaians' opinions on various issues, extraordinary honest stories of real people and give practical advice.

With Impel News you will never miss the hottest discussion-provoking topics because our news is always accurate and up-to-date.

Our values

We have strong beliefs, which we follow in content, marketing and engineering.

We are not perfect and always open for constructive criticisms to serve our cherished readers and Advertisers better.

You can contact us via the following: 

  3. +233248286361

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Twitter: @Impelnews
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Do you have a story you would like us to publish? Send your stories to  or WhatsApp: +233248286361

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